Electric Motor
Diameter 33
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Electric Motors

Diameter 33 mm rotors stators   Diameter 42 mm rotors stators
Dia.33 Electric Motors   Dia.42 Electric Motors
Diameter 59 mm rotors stators    
Dia.57 Electric Motors    


We produce Electric motor for leading tubular motor manuafacturers in China
We would like to produce made to order electric motor for you. We are looking for delegate in Europe.

stator of tubular motor tested

Parts of AC electric motor

Our rotors and stators with 100 percent tested by high voltage, earthing, grounding resistance, resistance, outside dimension and inside dimension.

And sample tested by power, electric current, torque, rotate speed(load & unload), temperature, efficiency, working time and etc.

silicon steel, stator, rotor,windings, Temperature protector, high temperature Cable, high temperature enameled wire.high temperature insulative paper,shaft


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