What aspects should be paid attention to in the installation and use of electric window openers?

Editor:浙江华尔特机电股份有限公司 │ Release Time:2023-04-21 

With the development of the economy, many villas and construction projects use electric window openers, and many families have installed them accordingly. It has become an important part of smart homes. Many have become common, but how to use window openers correctly has become confusing for consumers. Here we will introduce some aspects that should be paid attention to in the installation and use of electric window openers for household use.

First: The user knows how to open the window if he wants to use the window opener?They need to know the relevant situation of windows in the family and the parameters corresponding to the form, the way of opening the window, the relevant requirements for opening the window, the thickness of the glass in the form, what type of glass, and what requirements are there for the glass.If the opening method is a skylight, a middle hanging window, a lower hanging window, an upper hanging window, and a curtain wall window, how much angle does it need to be opened?

Second, we also need to know the power supply needs of the family and how much current should be allocated.Generally, the current of the electric window opener will not be greater than 1A per window.What is the total number of electric window openers in each household, how many switching power supplies should be allocated, whether to provide DC24V evenly or use AC220V electric window openers?Install a unified power supply in the location of the fire linkage control box or install some power supplies on the ceiling. When installing, pay attention to the separation of the power cord and the strong and weak electricity.

Third, when choosing a window opener, it is recommended to give priority to products with good safety technology and national security certification.Before installation, the product manual should be checked in detail.What is the window opening thrust of the electric window opener, and whether the waterproof work used meets the requirements.For use on skylights, the waterproof requirements are relatively high. The window sashes should be considered waterproof and the glass waterproof. Here we use screw-type electric window openers, and the protection level can reach IP65.The screw-type window opener has a large opening and closing force, low power consumption and high protection level.Suitable for opening large windows and skylights.Since this kind of window opener will rotate during the window opening process, it must be considered that there must be no obstacles within the rotation range when choosing.Electric window opener is a new type of mechatronics window opener, which has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, compact structure, low transmission resistance, low noise, and easy installation. It is currently the most advanced window opener product in China.It can be equipped with remote control, smoke control, temperature control, wind control, rain control and other sensing devices to automatically control the opening and closing of the window sashes according to the requirements of use.The window opener has the characteristics of compact structure, beautiful appearance, low noise, sufficient stiffness, and easy installation.

Fourth: When installing the electric window opener, the on-site staff should debug it.During the debugging process, care should be taken to check whether the window is closed tightly, whether the closing strength is insufficient, and whether the window needs to be locked.

Fifth: After strict debugging, test whether the current function meets the installation requirements, and then put it into use.